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© 2015 by Nick Testa


Talking about yourself is always a bit of an odd challenge, however, I'll give it my best shot. I am a bay area native and grew up in the restaurant industry. My parents owned and operated a boutique Italian eatery in Los Altos CA for 24 years. I grew up pursuing the dream of a career in music. I started playing guitar at age 9. After years of local clubs and recording studios, I headed down to Los Angeles with my band at the time to pursue the coveted record contract. After a couple years of touring and recording, we were told that because of some website called Napster, and something called an MP3, the entire music industry had crumbled, thus, our record contract never came. Upon returning home to the bay area, I discovered a wonderfully strange school in the East Bay called E'xpression College for Digital Arts. I figured I'd combine my love of music with some practical production and audio engineering knowledge and keep the music train rolling, even if I was on the other side of the glass. When I enrolled, one of our first group assignments was to create a short film. They gave use camera and some gear and told to have at it. I had never created anything original other than music up to that point. The experience was life changing. Telling a story that combines performance art, music, photography, and editing was, in my eyes, the ultimate art form. Flash forward to 2009, after completing a contract at one of the world's largest tech companies at the start of the recession, I decided to start taking on small freelance video production gigs. Projects ranged from music videos for bands, to pitch videos for kickstarter campaigns, and even the occasional short film. Pretty soon the clients got bigger, the gear got better, the knowledge became more vast, and I found myself with a thriving digital media agency covering video, photography and music production. Today, I work with large companies like Chevron, Virgin America, Pottery Barn, and more. We offer production services such as digital video production, audio, photography and motion graphics. I still view filmmaking as the ultimate art form, and today more than ever, digital video is an extremely powerful medium. It's an incredibly fast moving world and I can't wait to see where digital storytelling goes next.